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mistress_string's Journal

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY. If you wish to join let me know :)

I'm starting to get people from various places friending me. If you guys want to befriend me because of role play, my costumes, various projects, or just want to know my life in general let me know. I can start filtering entries to meet your needs. I have a lot going on in my personal life right now. I tend to rant about my work life and family situations. You have been warned. Otherwise I am very happy for critque, advice, etc, as long as it's not deconstructive. Welcome to my little world. =^_^=

Juubei x Kazuki is Fated Love

Kazuki is Addictive Love


made by sagesaria

Josh Groban is Love

made by aknockout


made byomg_its_gackt


made byomg_its_gackt